TerraVu 2

TerraVu is an interactive software system designed to assist geologists and drilling engineers in navigating a horizontal well to a stratigraphic target and to keep the well on target to a successful TD. Based on precision correlations of geometrically corrected measurement while drilling log data, the geosteering is accomplished using an offset or pilot well to establish a model of the stratigraphy in the vicinity of the drilling well, providing a true stratigraphic thickness (TST) correlation. With an accurate correlation of the MWD data, a precise calculation of target structure can be immediately obtained. As the well is drilled, the target structure is mapped on a cross sectional display, and updated in real time based on the most current well data. The geosteering process provides a highly detailed and accurate picture of the target structure, including very minor faulting that cannot be resolved by seismic data, yet may be highly significant in terms of completion and production of the well Extensive annotation features, well path projection and a fast, automated report generation facility ensure that all members of the drilling team are effectively appraised of the well's status in near real-time.

The software has been thoughtfully designed and refined over a period of sixteen years to be highly intuitive and provides context-sensitive hints that make training a breeze. In most cases, a proficient geologist with good log correlation skills can learn to use the software without any formal training. The entire interpretation process from data input to detailed report generation has been streamlined so that time critical drilling decisions aren't waiting on geosteering results. These design features make TerraVu uniquely suited to fast drilling, thin targets like coalbed methane and thin, fractured limestone prospects.

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